About Me

About Me

Photography doesn’t feel like a day-to-day job.

I am lucky enough to be someone who loves what they do for a living. 

Wedding Photographer

Robin Newbon

I started my career in photography after completing my degree and like many do in London I worked as an assistant, making tea, carrying bags and doing the jobs that no one else wants to do. Of course without this invaluable tea making experience I wouldn’t be able to make my wife the lovely cuppa that she enjoys each morning!

My two years of assisting gave me the vital knowledge I needed to become a professional photographer. I started working for a Studio based in Tower Bridge London who focused mainly on commercial and e-commerce photography where I spent a decade learning and developing many photographic styles and lighting techniques. During this time I have worked with clients such as M&S, John Lewis, Footlocker, Debenhams, K-Swiss, Converse and many more high street brands.

In 2010 whilst still working in London I started up my own business near Brighton to provide a documentary social style of wedding photography. This style is non intrusive as I prefer to try and blend in with the day to help capture the natural spontaneous moments of weddings. Couples often come back to me to comment that guests hardly remember a photographer being at the wedding, which is the way I feel it should be.

I feel lucky enough to be someone who loves what they do for a living and so photography for me doesn’t feel like a day-to-day job it’s more of a lifestyle. Please take a look at my testimonial page and read the reviews I have receiv

ed from not only wedding couples, but clients from my commercial and portrait photography.

Today you can usually find me either up in London freelancing for studios, in my own home studio shooting for clients/trying new ideas or in a Sussex field shooting a happy newlywed couple. If you are considering me for any photography work I am more than happy to have a friendly chat with you to discuss any projects or wedding plans, this will hopefully give you a good impression of what I can offer and also answer any questions you may have.